Dr Brian Blood

Brian has a degree in Physics from Queen Mary, London University and a doctorate from Oxford University where he researched the action of cardiac glycosides on the contractility of cardiac muscle. Following post-doctoral research as a member of the cardiac electro-physiology team led by the eminent British biologist and founding member of Save British Science, Denis Noble, Brian spent thirty years running a musical instrument manufacturing firm and performing professionally on TV, radio, film, recordings and concert platforms as a recorder player. He began working as a volunteer for Sense about Science in December 2010, since when he has been developing the CMS database that supports our events, campaigns, projects and general client relationships.

Dr Danae Dodge

Danae is one of our Ask for Evidence ambassadors, giving talks and writing articles about the campaign. She is also volunteering with Sense about Science EU, and is hoping to use her Greek language skills and connections to launch the Ask for Evidence campaign in Greece. Danae completed her PhD in scientific archaeology, specialising in ancient DNA, at the University of Sheffield in 2010, and now volunteers for several science non-profits including British Science Association / Science Brainwaves, The Scientista Foundation USA, and Sense about Science. She is also studying science policy and communication in her spare time and is doing temporary work.

Mabon Elis

Mabon was on a volunteer placement in the Sense about Science office as part of his PhD programme at the John Innes Centre in Norwich. His research is on plant evolution and flower colour choices made by bumblebees. He has an MSc in Plant Genetics and Crop Improvement from the John Innes Centre and the University of East Anglia, and before this, he studied Plant Science at the University of Manchester. At Sense about Science, Mabon is involved in the Ask for Evidence campaign and the plant science panel. He also helps out with some design work, including an infographic to accompany the Making Sense of Chemical Stories guide.

Aleksandra Lewandowska

Aleksandra joined Sense about Science as a volunteer in July 2018 and will be supporting the activities organized by its EU branch. She holds a MSc in biotechnology from Jagiellonian University in Krakow and is a final year PhD student, working on plant oxidative stress resistance in a collaborative project between University of Ghent and Free University of Brussels. When she is not in the lab, she is probably singing in a choir.

Lindsay Murphy, Sense about Science Scotland

Lindsay runs a science entertainment business called Be Experimental. She joined Sense about Science in 2010, as the assistant director and she now coordinates our Scottish programme on a voluntary basis. She was a senior investigator scientist at MRC Social and Public Health Sciences Unit in Glasgow. Lindsay also worked on a project called ‘Telling good science from bad science’ to develop a toolkit to help distinguish good evidence from bad evidence. She previously worked at the Glasgow Science Centre where she project managed and developed exhibitions targeted at different audiences on topics from forces, perception or physiology to the ethical implications of scientific endeavour. She has worked in public engagement with science for over 15 years, developing educational activities including shows, workshops, exhibits and games. Lindsay studied genetics at the University of Edinburgh and has a Masters in science communication. She is also a reviewer for the Royal Academy of Engineering Ingenious grant scheme for public engagement with engineering.

Anna Stikane

Anna is a Latvian PhD researcher at the University of Leeds. She aims to complete her PhD research exploring technological opportunities of biological nano-compartments by September 2019. In her spare time, she’s often off travelling or fiddling around with her violin. Anna spent three months at Sense about Science Brussels office as part of a placement scheme funded by her PhD training programme (BBSRC White Rose DTP). She was involved in supporting the Evidence Matters EU campaign and event in the European parliament. She is currently a volunteer helping to extend the Ask for Evidence and VoYS network in Latvia.

Previous volunteers

Kathryn Brian

Kathryn is a volunteer intern working at Sense about Science on a three month placement as part of a scheme funded by her PhD training programme (BBSRC). Kathryn’s PhD focuses on environmental and agricultural chemistry at the University of Nottingham and aims to be completed by September 2018. Prior to studying at Nottingham, Kathryn read biology at the University of Manchester. Kathryn is a member of the VoYS network and supports the ‘Ask for Evidence’ campaign, writing up her experiences of asking for evidence as a blog. She is based at the EU office in Brussels, where she’s supporting the campaigns Evidence Matters, Ask for Evidence and VoYS.

Leah Callender-Crowe

Leah has a BSc in Zoology from Swansea University, an MSc in Taxonomy and Biodiversity from Imperial College London and is currently completing a PhD at The University of Manchester, where she studies Evolutionary Biology, particularly phylogenetic methods (the construction of evolutionary trees). Leah is volunteering for Sense about Science as part of her BBSRC-funded PhD programme, supporting the campaigns and helping to organise various events. Before starting her scientific career, Leah used to compose and choreograph. In her spare time she currently enjoys learning languages and writing.

Tom Chaloner

Tom is completing a PhD at the University of Exeter investigating how global warming will impact the different fungi that devastate our crops. Before this, he completed a BA in biological sciences at the University of Oxford where he specialised in evolution and plant sciences, and also spent time as a science teacher in an academy in Liverpool and as a private tutor in North Wales. Tom has a keen interest in education and university access and through his university is involved in undergraduate teaching and access projects with school students. During his three-month internship, funded by the BBSRC DTP, Tom was involved in organising the Standing up for Science EU workshop in Warsaw, as well as supporting the Ask for Evidence and Evidence Matters EU campaigns.

Joanna Chustecki

Joanna joined the Sense about Science EU office as an intern in April 2018. She holds a BSc in biological sciences from the University of Birmingham. After graduating, she decided to study for an interdisciplinary PhD in food security (BBSRC DTR), with a focus on the energetics and positioning of chloroplasts and mitochondria in the plant cell landscape. She is currently working with the team on the Evidence Matters campaign, as well as Voice of Young Science (VoYS) EU, and is keen to gain an insight into scientific communication and challenging the misinterpretation of science.

Juan Carlos Entizne

Juan Carlos joined Sense about Science as an intern in April 2018, supporting our VoYS network and Evidence Week initiative. Juan Carlos holds a master’s degree in bioinformatics for health sciences from the Pompeu Fabra University, and he is currently a PhD researcher working on bioinformatics applied to crop science at the University of Dundee and the James Hutton Institute.

Koral Hassan

Koral is in his third year of an Electrical and Electronic Engineering degree at Imperial College London. He will be with our team for a month as part of their “Charity Insights” placement scheme. He has experience in graphic design and video editing and has contributed to various societies at university. During his time with us,
Koral will be working on making videos for the Voice of Young Science network and our work sharing the value of peer review with the public. He will also be helping with the Ask for Evidence campaign, our plant science and energy panels, and preparations for the 2017 John Maddox Prize selection process.

Ryan Hulley

Ryan has a BSc in physics from Swansea University and an MSc in clinical sciences from King’s College London. He currently works for the NHS as a trainee clinical scientist specialising in radiotherapy physics. Ryan is volunteering with Sense about Science as part of the scientist training programme (STP) to become a state registered clinical scientist. While with Sense about Science he will be supporting various campaigns and helping to organise events, such as the John Maddox prize. In his free time Ryan enjoys playing the ukulele.

Emma Lawrence

Emma is completing a PhD in Plant Genetics at the University of Cambridge, studying the natural variation in chromosome crossover distribution during meiotic recombination. Prior to this, she completed a degree in Biological Natural Sciences, also at the University of Cambridge. She is currently undertaking a three month placement at Sense about Science, supporting their events, campaigns, and the Plant Science Panel.

Paige Panter

Paige is carrying out a PhD at Durham University, looking at how the plant cell wall can help protect against freezing damage. Before specialising in plant science, she completed her BSc in Biological Sciences, also at Durham University, and an MRes in Biosciences at Newcastle University. Paige volunteers at several science communication events, including ‘Celebrate Science’ and ‘Science into Schools’, as well as for the National Trust as a wildlife room guide. During her two month placement at Sense about Science, funded by the BBSRC DTP training programme, Paige will be involved in the John Maddox Prize as well as supporting campaigns like Ask for Evidence and Reddit AMAs.

Emily Parr

Emily is completing a PhD in Infection and Immunity at the University of Edinburgh, exploring the interaction between a bacteria called Staphylococcus aureus and the immune system in different hosts. Before her PhD, she completed her BSc in Biology at Imperial College, followed by an MSc in Immunology of Infectious Diseases at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Emily is volunteering for Sense about Science as part of her BBSRC-funded PhD program, supporting campaigns like Ask for Evidence and Reddit AMAs.

Catherine Povey

Catherine is undertaking an interdisciplinary PhD in organic chemistry and industrial biotechnology at the University of Warwick, with focus in the synthesis of novel chemical synthons for the generation of ‘unnatural products’. Catherine has a first class integrated masters in chemistry with industrial experience from the University of Birmingham and during her degree, worked as a synthetic organic chemist at GlaxoSmithKline’s respiratory research department. Catherine decided to work as an intern at Sense about Science EU as part of the BBSRC DTP, to gain an insight into their work in Brussels and to support the Ask for Evidence and Evidence Matters EU campaigns. Outside of work Catherine enjoys travelling, playing tennis and the piano.

Joseph Ronan

Joseph is going in to his third year of a BSc in Mathematics at Imperial College London looking in to data science and geometry. He is taking part in the Charity Insights scheme and is carrying out a four week internship at Sense about Science. During this time he is supporting various campaigns and events such as the Ask for Evidence campaign and the John Maddox Prize. In his spare time he enjoys travelling and playing baseball.

Ellie Wood

Ellie has a Bsc in biochemistry from the University of Exeter, where she spent a year studying abroad at Iowa State University. In her final year, she undertook a science communication module and found that it was something that she wanted to get into as she didn’t particularly want to go into research but still wanted to use science. It also made Ellie realise that science is being misrepresented far too often in the media and so wanted to learn more about how we can stop this happening. This is what led her to finding the opportunity to volunteer with Sense about Science to gain experience in this area. Ellie really enjoys being active and in my spare time, enjoys travelling, playing tennis and the clarinet.